You probably know that healthy gums are good for your smile, but did you know that they are good for your body, too? In fact, 60% of people who have heart conditions also have active gum disease. Periodontal disease has also been linked to complications with diabetes, low birth weight and premature delivery, and even respiratory problems. Our dentist can help you fight gum disease and protect your health with our periodontal treatments in Elk Grove, California. If you have noticed the signs of gum disease, call Camden Dental Care at 916-686-2888 and make an appointment to talk with Dr. Raju Dhariwal about Perio Protect®.

For a comprehensive, non-invasive approach to treating gum disease, our dentist may recommend Perio Protect®. The chemical plaque removal involved in Perio Protect can efficiently clear away more plaque when used in combination with other traditional procedures, such as scaling and root planing. This can promote enhanced comfort and oral health improvement.

You will be provided with custom-made Perio Trays® during the chemical plaque removal segment of your periodontal treatment. Your trays will be fitted to your mouth so that they can more accurately and comfortably deliver the medical solutions prescribed for your condition. We will provide instructions for how you should use your Perio Trays and can answer any questions you have.

The medications delivered by your Perio Trays will be prescribed specially to manage biofilm and bacterial buildup on your teeth, in gingival crevices and in periodontal pockets between visits to our office. Our dentist may also use other procedures and methods to treat oral wounds caused by gum disease to improve your dental health, comfort and results.

If you are struggling with periodontal disease and would like to learn if Perio Protect may be the treatment option you have been waiting for, please call to schedule a consultation! We are here to help restore your oral health.