At Camden Dental Care, we offer an alternative to traditional amalgam fillings with mercury-free dentistry in Elk Grove, California. Also known as composite or tooth-colored fillings, they contain no metal or any potentially damaging material and are aesthetically pleasing. Our dentist, Dr. Raju Dhariwal, can tell you more about this treatment during your next appointment. If you have a cavity in need of repair, call 916-686-2888 today.

Amalgam and other dental materials containing mercury can be harmful not only for your teeth but your overall health. Amalgam in particular is made of a mixture of metals, including tin, copper, silver and mercury. The mercury in amalgam is especially hazardous because it can be released throughout the rest of your body when used in dental fillings. To keep you protected from the harmful effects of mercury, our office does not use any materials or products that contain it. We instead use composite fillings to restore your teeth.

Another potential problem with amalgam fillings is that they are more likely to fracture or crack. Composite material actually strengthens a tooth’s natural structure. Composite material also more closely resembles a tooth’s natural appearance so that it is less noticeable. Amalgam fillings are typically silver and easy to see, but composite fillings can be matched to the color of your teeth so that your smile can continue to look natural.

Our dentist and team can go over any questions or concerns you might have about amalgam and fillings containing mercury. We welcome you to learn more about mercury-free dentistry by calling our office and scheduling an appointment. We are committed to ensuring your safety!